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2012 IFBB FLEX Pro. Bodybuilding Is Back!
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First Callout:

Fouad Abiad
Lionel Beyeke
Ben Pakulski
Shawn Rhoden

Second Callout:

Eduardo Correa
Mark Dugdale
Vladamir Sizov
Grigori Atoyan

Third Callout:

Con Demetriou
Lionel Brown
Omar Deckard
DeShaun Grimez

Fourth Callout:
Stan Efferding
Jojo Nitforo
Rusty Jeffers
Oleg Emilanov
Mehmet Yildirum

Fifth Callout:

Eduardo Correa
Shawn Rhoden
Ben Pak
Mark Dugdale

Final Callout

Fouad Abiad
Lionel Beyeke
Ben Pakulski
Shawn Rhoden

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Оксана на сцене. Шон Рей рукоплещет ей:

Love her!!!
You're welcome with pleasure!
From Russia with Love!!!

Oksana Grishina - nice presentation...a little more conditioned then the others so far and more muscular

Paula Williams-Gulman - Cute package, just needs to be a little tighter

Tanji Johnson - A little softer then she was at the 2011 Olympia

Michele Mayberry - in good shape...competed in Figure in 2011

Camala Rodriguez - good conditioning, nice full glutes...good overall package


Adela Garcia
Bethany Wagner-Cisternino
Tanji Johnson
Myriam Capes
Camala Rodriguez
Oksana Grishina

second callout

Jodi Boam
Vanda Hadarean
Paula Williams-Gulman
Michele Mayberry
Allison Either
Sheri Vucick

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 top fitness callout flex pro
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I'd go 1)bethany Wagner 2)Adela Garcia 3)Oksana Grishina 4)Camala Rodriquez 5)Myriam Capes 6)Tanji Johnson

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5th place - Eduardo Correa

4th place - Shawn Rhoden

3rd place - Fouad Abiad

2nd place - Ben Pakulski

WINNER - Lionel Beyeke


1. Adela Garcia
2. Oksana Grishina
3. Myriam Capes

Oksana Grishina brings up the energy here in Santa Monica and wakes up the crowd
Oksana Grishina
Began her routine dresses in a full dog suit! Removed to reveal black, sparkly suit. Song is a remake of tainted love. Ended the routine by putting the head of the suit back on.
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The top 6 at the FLEX PRO Fitness in the two-piece round. Who is your favorite? — с Myriam Capes, Oksana Grishina, Adela Garcia All-Time Fitness Olympia Champion, bethany cisternino, Camala Rodriguez и Tanji Johnson

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