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2012 Arnold Amateur Results


by Andrew Michalak

2012 Arnold Amateur Championships are over! First, the trophies were presented to the champions in each category and then the winners met in the most exciting final part of the event: overall battle. Seven bodybuilding champions from seven countries: Russia, Philippines, Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela, Slovakia and Czech Republic were doing seven compulsory poses while the judges tried to assess the strongest and the weakest points of each physique. And this was not an easy task as all seven champions were perfectly prepared and in top shape. After a short break needed for calculations of the judges scores, the most wanted decision of this evening has been announced: the 2012 main trophy went to Slovakia, to the 100 kg category winner Stefan Havlik.

Born in 1975 in Kosice, eastern Slovakia, won his first contest in 1999 and just
4 years later, in 2003, took his first and only world title in Mumbai, India (2003). Then focused on the continental championships winning them in 2006, 2010 (also overall) and 2011. Won also many regional Cups in Central and Western Europe. Stefan, 37, is a professional soldier, being a member of the VSC Dukla Club in Banska Bytrica. As all previous Arnold Amateur winners he will have to take an important decision if to turn pro or stay amateur bodybuilder.

The women’s bodybuilding overall title went to the Russian star Olga Puzanova
two-time Women’s Worlds runner-up.

Men’s Classic Bodybuilding overall went to Alessandro Galli of Italy, who was the biggest sensation of these Championships, an amazing “newcomer”, who emerged as a great champion in his first international start.

Both fitness categories were dominated by the top IFBB stars: current world champion Melinda Szabo of Hungary (short class) and South American champion Marta Aguiar of Uruguay (tall class).
2012 Arnold Amateur women’s fitness up to 163 cm category winner Melinda Szabo (Hungary)

2012 Arnold Amateur women’s fitness over 163 cm category winner Marta Aguiar (Uruguay)

All seven overall titles went to seven different countries from three continents: Europe (4 titles), North America (2 titles), Africa (1 title). But category winner trophies went to 16 countries from 5 continents:
- Europe – 10
- North America – 10
- South America – 5
- Asia – 2
- Africa – 1

What’s interesting, there were 10 men’s categories and… 18 women’s categories. The host country, United States of America, won no any single men’s category but as much as 9 women’s categories, what means 50%.

This was the great opening of the 2012 physique sports season. Next contests will start in Europe at the end of March, with the Amateur European Cup late April, followed by the European Championships in the first half of May and the Asian Championships in the beginning of June. So, the athletes will have 4 weeks for recovery, and can go to the Battle of Scandinavia (March 31st), Rotterdam’s Open (April 1st) or Loaded Cup (April 6th).

2012 Arnold Amateur overall champions:



Women's Bodyfitness: OLGA GALLARDO (MEXICO)

Master Women’s Bodyfitness: NINA-MARIA RICHTER (SOUH AFRICA)
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