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20/04/2012 Fibo Power. День третий. "Prejudging".
2012 Fibo Power

Flex Wheeler - I have Johnnie Jackson winning this the guy looked incredible but Sergei came on strong at the end!
Shawn Ray - Johnnie was impressive in this line up, Legs still slender straight on but from the side looked solid! He has enough to hold off Sergei Pose for Pose but the jugdes seemed to like Segei and hisimprovements. Personally, I like Kefalianos in 2nd but he is being chllenged by the more Muscular and Bigger Sergei for 2nd place! Close but I still go with Johnnie O Jackson for the Win!

IFBB Men's 2012 FIBO Power MD Play by Play With Shawn Ray & Flex Wheeler "Prejudging

Comparison Call Outs

1st Call-
Johnnie Kefalianos Sergei Feras Benthin

2nd Call-
Johannes Santana Balto Leonid Tomas

3rd Call
Lee Marc Jari Daniel Matthias

4th Call Everyone else......

Final Call Out
Johnnie Mike K Sergei Toth
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Шелестов молодец!!!
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