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2012 WBFF World Championships. Организация имени "Пола Диллета" (Paul Dillett) проводит свое очередное шоу. Хочешь стать зрителем мероприятия - заплати 45$.




Яковина Дмитрий
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Один в один ВФФ..у Диллета выступает даже свой "Ямагиши" smile:)
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Дим, у Дилетта, как и в лучшие времена, когда ВФФ это были еще и Хофман и К... женские категории были и многочисленными и красивыми.

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Прошлогодний ПРОМО ролик.

Выступила один единственный раз в 2010 году....

Собирался выступать у Диллета и Lee Priest.... НО...

Было и вот такое заявление:

As of September 27th, 2011 I will be relinquishing my WBFF Pro Status. "After winning the Arnold Classic, I was approached by Paul Dillett the CEO of the WBFF. In his attempt to recruit me, he promised me a six figure contract with a supplement company, the cover of several prominent magazines, a part in a reality TV show with top celebrities and much more. At the time I had only been in this industry for 6 months and I was extremely naïve. Being offered all the promises, I thought that this was the answer to all my financial struggles, but little did I know I was making the biggest mistake of my young career. I soon realized that Paul Dillett and the WBFF sell dreams to athletes to get them to join his organization, but once they join they do not follow up on ANY of their promises. I wanted to go public with this to let other athletes know who are in the same position I was, that the WBFF is not the answer. Paul Dilett misleads people and takes advantage of naïve people who do not know the industry.  I want to make a formal apology to the NPC for my mistake and to anyone who may have been offended by my actions. I also would like to give a sincere thank you to the NPC for giving me the opportunity to get my career launched as a bikini athlete. I am truly sorry for my poor decision making and I can only hope to eventually being accepted back into this organization." Thank you very much for your time. Ingrid Romero

Сам Диллет сегодня:

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Диллет атлетически ужасен..его плечи всегда были узки, только огромные венозные вены создавали некую ширину, сейчас же без этих дельт, он похож на карандаш...
Моника....Моника прекрасна...
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In what can only be described as one of the most shocking fitness industry news developments in the history of women’s physique sports, Monica Brant announced tonight in Calgary, Alberta on center stage at the WBFF Alberta Championships, that she has left the IFBB after 16 years and will now be competing in the WBFF.
Brant will make her WBFF Pro Debut on September 18th in Toronto at the WBFF World Championships. On why she made the move at this point in her career Brant explained that there were a number of factors that contributed to the decision and that it had been coming for a long time. Insisting on remaining positive and focussing on the future Brant explained that is was the unique opportunities that the WBFF provides their athletes that sealed the deal, “I love competing and I love interacting with the fans, and the WBFF is offering me every opportunity possible to do that as well as work with the competitors so they can benefit from my experience on and off stage. Rather than try to push me off to pasture, Paul Dillett sees the value in having someone with my experience being actively involved with the WBFF and its athletes. He respects his athletes and truly cares about their success on and off the stage and you can see that in all that he does. Paul works directly with many of the industries magazines to ensure WBFF models and athletes are being published and he also works with his sponsors to create opportunities for athletes there as well. You can also see it at their contests. The Venue’s are all top quality and the attention to detail with the stage production is remarkable. The stage presentation at their shows are very professionally done and the athletes are treated with tremendous consideration and respect at all times. I am just happy to have found a home that affords me a chance to give back and continue to do so for years to come.”
Paul Dillett, CEO and President of the WBFF, spoke with Bodysport by telephone from his hotel room in Calgary to counter Brant’s statements with his own glowing endorsement of the fitness industry Icon. “I have known Monica on a personal and professional level for many many years and we are really excited to have her in the WBFF. As a competitor in the WBFF Monica will be treated with the same respect that all of our athletes are and will be judged fairly along with the other competitors, just as we do at each and every show. But Monica is not just a great competitor, she is the most prolific female role model in the entire fitness industry. Our fans and competitors will be thrilled to see her compete, but it’s what she brings to the WBFF beyond the stage that I am most excited about. Monica is a role model as a person, an athlete, a businesswoman, and she possesses a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience that is simply unequalled that she wants to share with our competitors. I want to make sure she has every opportunity to do that for our athletes now and for years to come. Having her choose the WBFF as her new home is essentially her endorsement of what we are doing now and what our future holds and I am very proud of that. She will be on stage in Toronto at the WBFF World Championships so I would suggest everyone buy their tickets soon.”
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Столько красивых девушек!!! Точнее столько красивых фото девушек!!!
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Диме такой БФ очень нравится:

А мне нравится ихний бикини:
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