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Опубликовал: Владимир Фомичёв 22.12.2011
BUY THE DVD: http://www.gmv.com.au/default.asp?pageid=products&templat...
BUY THE DVD: http://www.gmv.com.au/default.asp?pageid=products&template=PRODUCTCAT&catid=31&prodid=2908&site=1 PART 1 2010 "Flex" Bikini Model Search. Now in its fourth year, the 2010 FLEX Bikini Model Search Championships, presented by Gaspari Nutrition, was - as promised - bigger and better than ever. 88 beautiful bikini competitors took over the main stage at Joe Weider's 2010 Olympia Weekend Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 15 women then advanced to the next round of competition - including the four winners of the three-month long FLEX Bikini Model Search Online. Out of that elite lineup, 5 moved on to the final round. After much deliberation, ALEXANDRA ZEREGA was crowned the 2010 FLEX Bikini Model Search winner. The 24-year old Zerega, from Lakewood, California, in addition to being the month two winner of the online portion of the contest, also won the overall bikini title in the 2010 NPC California Championships. Alexandra earned an exclusive publication contract with Weider/AMI and will appear in the 2011 FLEX Swimsuit Issue. PART 2 2011 "Flex" Bikini Model Search. The very exciting 2011 heats and finals of the fifth annual FLEX Bikini Model Search took place on the Main Expo Stage on Friday and Saturday. Contestants were judged on shape, tone, symmetry, poise and overall beauty. Out of a huge field of high quality competitors, the outstanding new champion for 2011 was Yarelis Gonzalez. You will no doubt be seeing a lot more of her in future issues of FLEX magazine, as she won an exclusive modeling contract with Weider Publications. The contest was brilliantly MCd by Bob Cicherillo and previous winner Amanda Latona.
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