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Опубликовал: Василий Васильев 23.03.2012
http://store.worldkettlebellclub.com http://worldkettlebellclub.com W...
http://store.worldkettlebellclub.com http://worldkettlebellclub.com WARNING: DO NOT TRY THIS! Serg is a professional. We advise you to seek professional advice before putting a kettlebell over head. Serg Derevenets is a Master Juggler with World Kettlebell Club® He is demonstrating some juggling elements with a 24kg kettlebell. Technique and coordination are required, but don't underestimate Serg's tendon strength and his overall condition. Email service@WorldKettlebellClub.com to learn more about kettlebell juggling and possibly setting up a Workshop with Serg.
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