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Опубликовал: Николай Омельченко 30.07.2012
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNOLD! Forever Arnold : Raise Your Glass, Fea...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNOLD! Forever Arnold : Raise Your Glass, Featuring PINK! It's Ready! Arnold's Birthday Gift from TAFs is HERE! The Music Video for "Forever Arnold" Debuts! As Arnold fans everywhere are celebrating Arnold's 64th birthday tonight, there's no doubt drinks and stogies are being passed around the room in celebration of the greatest action hero of all times. Well, we want to share with you now, on this glorious day, another item to be passed around! Stand up and unite Arnold fans, and get a reminder at why we will always be there for the Austrian Oak. It's not just the staff here and the fans who feel this way; we bumped into several of Arnold's friend's, directors and co-stars who show their love and support too. Watch Arnold's gift now and pass the link along to your friends who are now and will forever be in Arnold's Army! Directed & Edited By: Brandon Krum @ Krum Studios Produced By: Randy Jennings Join Arnold's Army! www.Facebook.com/TheArnoldFans **Sorry that we could not fit in more "Forever Arnold" submissions. We certainly received many more supportive messages from the fans but there were just too many. We thank you all for your Arnold support! Happy birthday Arnold, we love you! *All third party material is propertpy of their respective owners. The audio and video in this montage are in no way used for profit. This video is entirely a fan tribute.
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