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Методика тренера - № 212. Bodybuilding. Yuriy Spasokukotsky method of training

Опубликовал: Юрий Спасокукоцкий
Длительность: 00:09:58
Просмотров: 7 796
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http://biceps.com.ua/engl When I was 19 my friends and I went to the ...
http://biceps.com.ua/engl When I was 19 my friends and I went to the gym and I was training. We trained by the Joe Weider system. We did 3 times a week for 2-3 hours, not leaving the room. Making from 15 to 17 exercises per training in 3 sets. But time passed and I realized that just attending the gym is not enough. My figure did not change, maybe my muscles got some tone. Nowadays this happens to many people who buy subscriptions to the fitness clubs and think that just doing regular exercises is enough to make the figure of your dream. In fact, substantial increase in muscles without a specially chosen method works if you have a predisposition for muscle growth. It would seem so simple to build muscles. What's so tough about this? You go to the gym, take the barbell, weights, and don't miss trainings. You try and get everything... But nothing like that happens. All of us were buying magazines about bodybuilding, read over 1,000 mutually exclusive programs, 1000 incompatible tips: different number of repetitions; different time of rest; to drink or not to drink milk. It turned out that there's a huge amount of theoretical information and 90% of what you can read about bodybuilding is a nonsense, which just distracts the person from the correct path. It took me about 10 years to sift out all kinds of workouts which prevent person from "growing". When I got a set of principles that really worked, (e.g. from 3 to 8 repetitions per set builds up strength) my muscles began to grow. It became clear that a proper training program and special nutrition is needed. I read tons of literature, tried out different techniques. Muscle mass and strength began to grow, but I still could not get ripped. From the very beginning my goal was to increase muscle mass and strength in spite of naturally low testosterone level, long arms, large stature. But I managed to pick up a set of principles and build some mass and strength, but at the same time fat still presented on the body, unfortunately. Then I spent a few cycles of so-called "leaning process" - the burning of fat without losing muscle mass. It turned out that in a few months you can more significantly improve your figure, than in a few years of trainings without a proper nutrition. So now when a person comes to me, I give him both training system and nutrition system. The result becomes visible within few months. http://biceps.com.ua Индивидуальные тренировки по интернету через скайп, с персональным тренером по бодибилдингу Юрием Спасокукоцким. Разработка и корректировка программ питания и упражнений. Контроль техники тренирующегося по видеозаписям. Заметный результат уже через 1-2 месяца. http://biceps.com.ua/online-training Заказ тренировок по адресу: online-training@mail.ru
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