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Are you ready? Twist Sport Conditioning present's the number 1 Hockey...
Are you ready? Twist Sport Conditioning present's the number 1 Hockey Camp in the World. Twist's High Performance Hockey Conditioning Camps have helped players flourish in the NHL, make the jump to Pro Hockey, get drafted, earn scholarships, make Junior & top rep teams, and play to their peak potential. This video features players from our Twist Class of 2010 and 2011 including Chris Stewart (Colorado Avalanche), Mike Santorelli (Florida Panthers), Joel Ward (Nashville Predators), Karl Alzner (Washington Capitals), Wayne Simmonds (LA Kings), Mark Visentin (Team Canada World JR & Phoenix Coyotes 1st Round draft pick), plus hundreds more top NHL, Junior, College and Elite Midget Bantam players from around the world. Players have many choices for off season training. None offer the intensive coaching, individualized programming, innovative methods and proven success of Twist. Developed by Peter Twist and his Team of Elite Hockey Conditioning Specialists, the Twist Hockey Training Paradigm and High Performance Hockey Camps are recognized as the most innovative and foreword thinking in hockey. The Twist System will provide you with enhanced on-ice movement skills on and off the puck, increased speed, explosive stride power, first step quickness, hockey strength and balance, rotary core power and a highly developed anaerobic energy system which directly transfer to individual skating skills, puck skills and game tactics. Be part of our Class of 2012 and re-define your game. 2012 Camp Registration opens February 15, 2012. Twist Hockey Camps available in North Vancouver, BC http://www.twistconditioning.com Port Coquitlam, BC http://www.twisttricities.com Burlington, ON http://www.twistburlington.com Whitby, ON http://www.twistwhitby.com and Portland (OR) http://www.twistportland.com "If YOU are not getting BETTER everyday...someone else is" BE READY
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