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Опубликовал: Игорь Купинский 15.04.2013
Video of our grip strength training exercise today - this is Brian Sha...
Video of our grip strength training exercise today - this is Brian Shaw's first attempt at gripping and lifting Blobzilla, which is half of a York Legacy 130 lb dumbbell. To our knowledge there have only been 4 men in the world who have been successful with lifting Blobzilla and Brian is number 5. Blobzilla is one of our favorite pieces of grip strength training equipment. Training with Brian today was Mike Burke, who holds three grip strength world records set at the 2013 LA FitExpo Grip Contest. For everything you want to know about Strongman Training as well as how to increase grip strength, go to http://StrongmanAcademy.com To be the FIRST to get these videos, Please subscribe to our Youtube channel above. http://www.youtube.com/user/SHAWSTRENGTH Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/strongmanacademy Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/shawstrength/ Please comment on what you would like to learn and how we can help improve and increase your strength.
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