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http://www.AndyBoltonStrength.com/ Hey it's Andy Bolton here and this...
http://www.AndyBoltonStrength.com/ Hey it's Andy Bolton here and this video shows my Bench Press training from Monday 22nd August 2011 at Rall's Gym, Leeds, England. In this video you will see me work up to 327kg x 1 on my shirted Bench Press. After this I did Raw 4 Board Presses, working up to 227.5kg x 3 and then did Reverse Bands and worked up to 175kg x 5 using Strong Jump Stretch Bands. I finished this workout with light shoulder work, including DB Presses, Side Raises and Rear Delts on the Pec Deck machine. I keep the reps higher on these assistance movements (10 to 20 reps per set, 3 to 4 sets per exercise). I am now 7 weeks out from the Bulfarm Powerlifting Meet in Finland on October 8th 2011, where I will go head to head will some of the strongest Powerlifters on the planet.
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