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Опубликовал: Василий Кузнецов 04.10.2011
If you want to be a professional – do it! Alexey Lesukov has eve...
Iron World - TV
If you want to be a professional – do it! Alexey Lesukov has everything to win absolute category in up-coming event “Arnold Classic”. He could take professional card! That’s why, he must trainings now harder.Faster, higher and stronger! Aleksey’s intension (to take professional card) looks like so logistic and timely. Lesukov has done all his sport purposes in amateur level. He is famous; he has got sponsor contract and big wish to go straight. Aleksey decided to enter into professional bodybuilding through “Arnold Classic” absolute.Prokofiev: If we go to “Arnold Classic” in USA, then of course, the main mission will be the victory in absolutely category. Last year we won our weight category, it was test performance. During long fly and some problems in preparing to competitions we couldn’t failed to meet a goal. We didn’t have good practice.
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