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Ifbb Universe #6

I can inform all of you with great pleasure that the “IFBB Universe No. 6” has been completed and is available now at the www.iffb.com or through IFBB Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/IFBB-Official

- We did our best to make this issue top interesting, so we decided to delay it a bit and provide a big 2012 Arnold Amateur Championships 20-pages photo-report. You will find there nearly 80 images of the top champions and other finalists in all 29 official categories plus short comments and results.

- IFBB Executives interviews: Prof. Mauricio Arruda about his IFBB activity and goals of the new Brazilian Federation.

- Eight common pre-contest dieting mistakes by Lee Labrada.

- 2011 world bodyfitness overall champion Yulia Ushakova about her life, training and nutrition – long and precise 6-pages interview with the world bodyfitness diva.

- 2011 Arnold Classic Europe bodyfitness winner Giada Simari turns pro! She tells about her plans and what bodyfitness and weight training means to her.

- Three-time overall world champion Ali Tabrizi is back! – detailed interview with many historical photos.

- 2010 wheelchair world champion Tolga Murat Balikci about wheelchair bodybuilders, their problems and his political activity, with new, interesting ideas.

- New IFBB sport: athletic fitness – the concept and the rules.

- New IFBB division: master women’s bodyfitness over 45 – the idea and rules.

- Training instructions: the top seven upper back exercises by Charles Poliquin

- The king of the lower body exercises: SQUATS by Prof. Mauricio Arruda.

- New concepts: will Ukrainian “Fitness Bomb” explode in the other countries?

- The best of Eastern Europe: top champions performing in Moscow.

- The last 2011 World Championships: Juniors & Masters in Santa Susanna: 15 pages and over 100 photos!

Decisions of the 2012 EBFF Executive Council Meeting in Segovia, Spain.

Next shows: European Amateur Cup in Madrid, Asian Championships in Tashkent.

And many more short news and information. Can’t be missed!

Andrew Michalak, IFBB Press Commission
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