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Arnold Classic 2011 Oksana Grishina

Arnold Classic 2011 Oksana Grishina

Arnold Classic 2011 Oksana Grishina
Если орёл – я выиграл, если решка – ты проиграл!
Favorite IFBB Fitness routine:

My fav was Oksana's

Oksana hands down

Oksana's was awesome...

I did enjoy watching all the routines, but Oksana was my favorite. Maybe, but the physique should only be judged in the "physique" round IMO.
Если орёл – я выиграл, если решка – ты проиграл!
начало удивило smile:)
Лучшее видио!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile:appl: smile:appl: smile:appl: smile:appl: smile:appl: smile:appl:
Оксана как всегда делает великолепные произволки! СУПЕР!!! smile:!!: smile:appl: smile:appl: smile:appl:
оксана просто молодец. Калининград -вперед smile:1: smile:ru: smile:appl:
Да, произволки у Оксаны шикарны!!! smile:appl: smile:appl: smile:appl:
Чтобы было, что сушить - надо это сначала накачать!

Кто действительно хочет - ищет возможность, кто не хочет - причину.

Home From The Arnold
I am home now, recovering from a busy and exciting week in Columbus. I had a wonderful time at the Arnold Classic. It was a great honor and pleasure to compete on the Arnold stage with so many great athletes. I am thankful to all the people who come to the Arnold as fans. Their support means a lot to me and all of the other competitors.
I would also like to congratulate all of my fellow Team Gaspari athletes who competed so successfully at the Arnold, including Trish, Ava, Felicia, Courtney and Cathy.
It was great see so many people at the Gaspari booth during the Expo. Product samples, autographs and photographs were being handed out as fast as we could get them out of the boxes. It was cool to see a continuous stream of fans and friends stopping by to visit.
Of course, I am only human, so I did feel some disappointment with my placing in the Fitness competition. I put a great deal of time, effort and soul into preparing my routines, so I hope for appreciation from both the crowd and the judges. I love fitness but, it does feel sometimes that fitness does not love me the same way.
I do believe that I may have over-trained a bit for this competition, and it may have showed in my physique. But I am happy that I was able to complete my performance, in its debut, as prepared. I was very pleased by the crowd’s response to me, and plan to do even better at the Olympia, both with my body and in my performance. I’LL BE BACK…lol…
Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. In Russia it is a very special day, celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. It is a day for all men to congratulate the women in their lives. I offer my congratulations, as well.
Thanks, again, to all my fans and friends for their constant support.
With love,
Если орёл – я выиграл, если решка – ты проиграл!
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