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Опубликовал: artii artii 09.08.2013
http://scoobysworkshop.com/2012/07/29/100-places-to-do-pullups/ Pullu...
http://scoobysworkshop.com/2012/07/29/100-places-to-do-pullups/ Pullups are the #1 best way to build wide, flaring lats! Many of you though say that you dont have anywhere to do pull-ups but pull-up bars are everywhere!!!! Dont believe me? Check out this video where in three hours I found 100 places to do pull-ups. In the home: doorway mount pullup bars unfinished attic rafters basement pipes and rafters clothes drying racks garage door opener tracks tree limbs In the city: back side of stairs back side of bleachers soccer field goal posts playgrounds school playgrounds before or after school hours from tree limbs On the farm: barn rafters tree limbs tractor buckets Use your imagination! What helps a lot is a rope and handle contraption, below are two examples that you can easily make. With these portable pullup bars all you need is a strong overhead beam or tree limb and you can do pullups anywhere. Just toss the rope over and go to town!
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